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About Us

About the Inventor

Dr. Win L. Chiou is highly regarded as one of the most innovative pharmaceutical scientists in the world.  He received his Ph.D. from University of California. Dr. Chiou taught and conducted research for two years at Washington State University and for 34 years at University of Illinois at Chicago, where he also served as Chairman of Graduate Studies in Pharmacy and Department Head.

Among Dr. Chiou’s many accomplishments, he:

  • Served on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Expert Panel and Advisory Committee.
  • Was a member of National Institutes of Health (NIH) Study Section.
  • Was appointed to the editorial board of eight scientific and clinical journals.
  • Authored the Chiou Equation, used in hospitals worldwide for individualizing intravenous doses of theophyline.
  • Authored more than 200 scientific journal papers in the areas of drug absorption and pharmacokinetics.
  • Acts as consultant to many drug companies and expert witness for litigation matters.
  • Is considered the father of solid dispersions; his 1971 article has been one of the most well-cited papers published in Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the last five decades and is the most frequently downloaded paper in the history of the Journal.


About the Company

The creation of Eternal Spring Serum was a labor of love from Dr. Chiou to his wife, Linda. Linda had tried many brand name products to treat her dry skin during menopause, but was never satisfied with the results. If only it were as easy to rehydrate skin as it is to restore wilted flowers in the garden with water and nutrients…Dr. Chiou believed it was, and he proved it!

Retired from 36 years of research and teaching, Dr. Chiou got back to work. He developed a revolutionary anti-aging theory about the critical importance of getting nutrients to the skin, based on Linda’s observation. Together, they founded Winlind in 2003 and launched production of Eternal Spring Serum.

Today, Winlind Skincare LLC is committed to developing skin care products that:

  • Are simple, convenient, safe and effective to use.
  • Contain an abundance of Body Natural ingredients.
  • Promote cellular growth to keep skin healthy and strong against natural aging and environmental assaults.

“I used this Serum a few years ago, at a friend's recommendation, and found this Serum to be one of the best I've used in all my years. After using it for just a week, I was showered with compliments from my peers. They all wondered if I had gotten some work done on my face, or if I'd been going to a facialist. I would definitely recommend this Serum to anyone who is trying to fight the product of years and age. This truly diminishes the appearance of any wrinkles and brightens the skin to give a younger, healthy glow.”

- Rebecca