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Pitfalls of Conventional Photoaging Approach

Many anti-aging products are based on the commonly accepted theory that sun exposure is the primary (80% – 90%) cause of skin aging. This theory holds that free radical-causing ultraviolet light damages skin components such as collagen and DNA.  However, this theory is inconsistent with the following observations:

  1. Why do age spots also commonly occur on areas rarely exposed to sun like our upper arms, backs and the back of the leg in people over the age of 50?
  2. Why do elderly Muslim women who wear head scarves or burqas to cover their faces in public experience the same skin aging effects of wrinkles and age spots?
  3. Why do young people who tan regularly not get wrinkles or age spots? Why do wrinkles and age spots increase as we get older regardless of the amount of sun we get?  Excessive, prolonged exposure to sun can produce premature aging, but people who limit their exposure still get wrinkles and age spots over time.
  4. Sun rays uniformly radiate our bodies.  It’s impossible that the sunlight only radiates to and damages the same dark spot or wrinkle area.

New Cardiac-Output-Reduction Skin Aging Theory

Physiology tells us that our average cardiac output decreases by 0.5% to 1% per year after age 25 – also decreasing blood supply to skin and gradually leading to undernourished skin cells.  By age 55, our skin cells receive 15% to 25% less of the important nutrients they received when we were younger. Dr. Chiou holds that this natural reduction in cardiac output and skin nourishment is the primary cause of skin aging – not sun exposure.

Under-nourished skin looks and feels dry, rough, dull and thin. It begins to sag and wrinkle. These fine lines and wrinkles are actually a body defense mechanism, formed in order to reduce the surface area and the rate of water evaporation from the skin. Likewise, chronic undernourishment of the skin results in the formation of unhealthy skin cells or dark age spots. These undernourished skin cells become more vulnerable to environmental assaults such as the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, low humidity and pollutants, further accelerating the aging process.

In other words, environmental assaults are considered the secondary cause of skin aging. This new insight addresses all the pitfalls of conventional skin aging highlighted above.

Just as water regenerates a flower that dries and wilts, Eternal Spring Serum renews the healthy look and feel of naturally aging skin.  This unique Body Natural nutritional Serum replenishes the natural nourishment to skin cells and compensates for the lost nutrition from our cardiac output reduction as we age.

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- Deb